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The Game Bakers Unleash More Furi On Fans

Furi - cover

Furi has entered its second month and developers The Game Bakers are very happy with the success of the game. As a thank you to fans who have supported the game through its release, they are going to be giving something back to he community. This Wednesday, August 10th, Furi fans on PS4 will be able to download avatars from the game for free. Pc fans will have access to free wallpapers and profile pictures. The avatars will be in the PlayStation Store and the wallpapers and profile pictures on The Game Bakers' blog page.


For those who have gone the extra mile and unlocked all trophies / Steam achievements for the game, a 30% discount on Furi merchandise awaits at the Furi Merch page. IF you have beaten the game but not unlocked all achievements, you will still get a 15% discount. To claim the discount, players need only contact The game Bakers with proof (screenshot with account name) of their accomplishment. Claims are to be made The Game Bakers e-mail.

Furi is available on PS4 and PC via Steam for $24.99.