The Guardians of The Galaxy are showing up everywhere so people can get familiar with them. It was only a matter of time before they started showing up in Marvel's animated shows.

Ultimate Heroes. Ultimate Villains. Ultimate Responsibility.

Spider-Man must lead his team of teen heroes against the greatest assembly of super villains the world has ever seen!  Season Two of the hit series ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN continues as Spider-Man and Nova head to space in a new story by superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis! Something is headed Earth’s way, and there’s only team in the universe who can help – the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY! Head on a deep space adventure like no other as Spidey, Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy save Earth from destruction!

Don’t miss the next amazing episode of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN debuts this Sunday at 11a/10c inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD.



  1. Don’t forget, they showed up in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the episode “Michael Korvac”! Steve Downes (Master Chief himself) played the voice of Starlord

    • Oh shit! I forgot about that. Earth’s Mightiest was such a great cartoon that got better with each episode. Not really digging the new one.

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