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The New Nintendo 3DS Just Owned Black Friday!

New Nintendo 3DS - Pokémon Sun & Moon

The New Nintendo 3DS, aka the one with the C-stick is nearly two years old. While the 3dS system is wildly popular worldwide, you probably asked yourself (like I did) “Why do I need this?” The reason for the question is that you probably already have an “old” 3DS. Even if you do not, you could get one for $25 less than the new one* or get a 2DS for half the price. It is time to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. Nintendo just turned Black Friday into the red pill by introducing two New 3DS designs:

New Nintendo 3DS Black

and . . .

New Nintendo 3DS White

Now, your initial reaction may be “So what?” There are already black and white 3DS models on the market. You would be right about that, but that is where Black Friday comes in. Starting November 25, these models will be available and they will retail for $99.99! The press release leads one to believe that this is new pricing for the New 3DS. However, when you consider that this “starts” on Black Friday, I would not count on it. These two models are also tagged as “Special Black Friday Edition” on Nintendo's press site so consider this a limited option. Your best bet is looking to get your new handheld in eighteen days. I know that I will.

*The New Nintendo 3DS MSRP is $199.99 USD