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The R.A.G.E. Works SlickStream, Episode# 84

Horizon Zero Dawn - Aloy on the move
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170318143643

Last night, the R.A.G.E. Works SlickStream was full of action, drama, pathos. . . you name it! it is never pleasant for Aloy when she runs across Helis and this meeting was no different. he blew her up, stomped her and caged her. This was all before throwing her into an arena to be tramled and stoned by a corrupted Behemoth! Having put down that monster she must head home to try and save the Nora. Aloy may not have the best of feelings toward her people but life is life; she will not sit back and let them be slaughtered. Part 18 of Horizon Zero Dawn begins now!

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