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Shiness Breaks Down Its Character Roster

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom - logo

Shiness (formerly “Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom”) is an upcoming action RPG from French indie developer Enigami. last month we showed a trailer of Shiness that gave you a look at the art and animation style of the game. It also showed the combat system to a small extent. Now we want to take a look at the five (playable) characters that will embark on this journey.

(left to right) Poky, Askel, Chado, Rosalya and Kayenne

The main hero of the game is Chado. He is of the Waki race and is not regarded too well in his village because his grades are low and he claims to be in contact with a spirit called The Shiness. His parents look at him as a disappointment because all he seems to want to do is adventure. Chado's connection with the Shiness, along with his mastery of the earth element will allow him to do so. Next is Poky, Chado's friend. I have a feeling that Poky will be the character gamers either will not like or make a lot of memes about because he is a whiner. Regardless, he will play an important role in the game because he can fix anything mechanical and he can manipulatate magnetic and electrical fields. He's gonna help Chado build an airship!

Askel has been following Rosalya for some time – the question is why?

As we leave the Waki village of Kimpao, we move to the city of Adorya to talk about our other three characters. First is Rosalya, a beautiful girl with a shrouded past. While she is clearly running from something, she will not sit idly and play the damsel in distress. Last month's trailer showed that she knows how to whoop some ass. Her affinity with fire allows her to do that and to dispel darkness. This skill literally sheds light on what is hidden be it items or enemies. Askel is a mercenary that has been following Rosalya ever since she left Adorya. His whip will dispatch enemies and allow you to gab items that would otherwise be out of reach. He is dead set on accomplishing his goal, but we shall have to wait to know exactly what that is.

I would have been mad at Enigami had they given Kayenne fire powers (get it?)

Last, but certainly not least is Kayenne, a proud warrior of the Shelk race. Kayenne is deeply concerned with the safety of Rosalya and he wishes to bring her to his people; once again, we do not yet know the reason for this motivation. Kayenne is a psychic and he will use telekinesis to dispatch enemies and aid in the quest. It is worth mentioning that the Shiness website also speaks of Kayenne's younger sister Mingane. She is not a playable character (or is she) and Kayenne disapproves of her becoming a warrior, but like her brother, she has something to protect. This is pretty much the extent of what is known about the game. Depending on how well the story is written, I have a feeling that this could be the top sleeper hit of 2016. Believe that R.A.G.E. Works will continue to follow the development of Shiness and we will let you know about the launch date as soon as possible.

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