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The Sights Of Toy Fair 2020: Hasbro | Ghostbusters

Hasbro had so much on display that we have to break up all the photos by property. After checking out the Power Rangers merch we got a sneak peek at the new Ghostbusters toys heading our way.

With the announcement of a new Ghostbusters film, it was inevitable that we would get some new Ghostbusters merch. Ghostbusters fans not only got some figures from the classic Ghostbusters cartoon recreated in the classic Kenner style but also a wave of premium collector grade figures with the likenesses of the characters from the first film which include a Terror Dog build a figure. That line is called the Plasma Series and is comparable to the Marvel Legends and Star Wars: Black Series in terms of quality. Check out both lines below.

Hasbro also had plenty of role-playing accessories for young and old Ghostbusters fans including a new electronic proton pack and a PKE meter for the kids plus some other role-play accessories as well.

Check out the upcoming Neutrona Wand which you will be seeing in the new Ghostbusters: Afterlife film below

Source: Hasbro

The Neutrona Wand is on par with most of the Marvel Legends props that have been hitting the shelves and will cost $100 and be available in the fall at Hasbro Pulse and at local retailers.

What Ghostbusters collectibles did you like? Let us know in the comments.

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