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The Sights Of Toy Fair 2020: Hasbro

Update (3/4/2020): Added Dragon Dagger & Baby Yoda demo videos

Our second day of Toy Fair continues with a visit to Hasbro and as usual, the Hasbro team did not disappoint. We got some strong additions to some of Hasbro's flagship properties with toys and collectibles for a variety of ages. Let's check out what Hasbro brought to Toy Fair 2020.

Power Rangers

The Power Rangers license was a big grab for Hasbro and while last year they were still fleshing out a direction for the line as well as marketing the new Power Rangers series this year had some huge shifts for the line. We got some welcome additions to the Lightning Collection including new characters that have debuted in the Boom! Studio Power Rangers series. Fans of that series will be able to score Lord Drakkon and the Ranger Slayer figures later this year. Fans can also look forward to seeing some of the Rangers weapons on sale too. Much like the Marvel Legends prop line, Hasbro will be bringing the Power Rangers' most iconic weapons to collectors as well. Check out the pics below as well as footage of the new Dragon Dagger in action.

The Green Ranger's Dragon Dagger has been a fan favorite for some time and with Hasbro taking over the Power Ranger license it was not a matter of if but when we would be seeing it again. The new version comes with lights and sounds plus a nice stand for display which is something that I felt Hasbro missed the boat on with their Infinity Gauntlets. Nonetheless, the new Dragon Dagger would make a great addition to any Ranger fans collection and I'm sure many Green Ranger cosplayers will jump at the chance to add this to their piece to their costumes.