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The Walking Dead (Game) Rises for a Third Season!

The Walking Dead enters its third season later this year. It appears as though at least two years have passed. Clementine is a teenager and handles a gun better than ever. A new character named Javier is at her side and speaks of “marked” walkers. There must be a new bad guy in town because the mark he saw on the walker's back is also on his neck. Something really bad must have happened because Clementine is clearly breaking the rule Lee told her at the end of season one. The rule she spent all of season two following: stay away from cities. Depending upon how you ended season two, the questions we have pertain to Kenny and Jane. Going all the way back to season one we wonder if Lily will show up and from season two we hope that both Christa and Alvin Jr. are still alive. The suspense will build because Telltale is following the tradition of starting the new season in the fall.

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