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The Walking Dead: Michonne Series Finale Trailer

The Walking Dead: Michonne - chapter logo

We all have to live with our decisions whether they be good or bad. In The Walking Dead: Michonne, we see our heroine face many of them. More than anything, we see her face the biggest decision of her life over and over. The comics have introduced us to her pain, but the game means to envelop us in it. At the outset of The Walking Dead: Michonne, we see her almost give in to the pain and suffering she feels having left her two daughters behind. In the finale, will she be able to find some form of redemption for herself? Will standing and defending another family bring her the peace of mind she so terribly needs? On Tuesday, April 26, we are going to find out. Hopefuly you join the R.A.G.E> Works SlickStream as we play through the final episode of the story. If you have not seen or played through the previous episodes, you can watch them right here:

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