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The Witcher Fox Children In Stores Now

CD Projekt Red is collaborating with Dark Horse comics to take you even further into the story element of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Geralt, the main protagonist of the upcoming game, boards a ship that feature many an interesting character. More than likely you will see a few of them in the game and I would also expect this story to tie-in to the game's main plot somehow but the press release neither confirms nor denies. Regardless, the samples shown detail some great art by Joe Querio and colorful writing by Paul Tobin:



The Witcher Fox Children is available now in comic stores and online in digital format via the Dark Horse app for IOS and Android. It is also available via the Dark Horse Digital comic book store. Having seen some of the story elements form the game, I can only expect good things from this expansion of the story. Fox Children will be a must-read for fans of the series so check it out now!