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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Is Available for Pre-Order On Xbox One

This is a bit of a weird announcement and I will explain what I mean. The great news is that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is now available for worldwide digital pre-order from the Xbox Games Store. That means that Xbox One fans can order the game starting today if they are not concerned with a physical copy. Select EMEA markets* will also be able to purchase a Witcher 3/Xbox One Bundle or Witcher 3/Xbox One with Kinect bundle (no bundles for us here in North America). Here is where things get a little weird and I am not blaming CD Projekt Red or anyone for that matter; just pointing things out. The press release specifically mentions that the game is available for digital pre-order on the Xbox One and does not mention the PlayStation 4 or PC. However, the link to site that tells you all of your purchasing options makes it clear that the game is also available for digital (and physical) pre-order for both the PS4 and PC via Steam. Here is where things get really weird. You would think that since the announcement only mentions the Xbox One that there is some sort of incentive or sweetening of the pot for Xbox One owners. Not only do players on any console get exactly the same things in the standard release, PS4 and Steam players get a 10% discount on the game for pre-ordering. Xbox One players are being charged full price (as of 04/17/2015). So run out and get the game on the Xbox One (provided you have a choice) for $60 or get it on PS4 or PC via Steam for $54.

Pardon me for a moment while I pause to scratch my head.

I am gonna leave that part alone as I only wanted to point it out. Here is some good news that goes along with the conversation of last night's episode of My Take Radio regarding DLC. I have already praised CD Projekt Red for the content planned for their Expansion pass. I often speak about the difference between worthwhile DLC and the nickel and dime content that should either come with the retail disc or actually is on the disc but you have to pay to use it. Regardless of whether you buy the standard or collector's edition of the game, all players receive 16 free pieces of DLC. This is not tied to pre-ordering either; everyone that buys the game gets it. As of now we only know that there will be the Temerian Armor set and the Beard and Hairstyle set, available May 20. I will give full details on the DLC when they become available but the plan is to release two additional pieces of DLC every week. Between the gameplay that has been shown for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and treatment we as gamers are getting from the developer, I am personally sold. Stay tuned to R.A.G.E. Works for more on this game as it develops.

*EMEA = Europe, Middle East & Africa