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The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Launches New DLC!

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt - Roach

CD Projekt RED is always listening to fans to make the experience in The Witcher III: Wild Hunt more engaging and enjoyable for players. To that end, they are announcing the Roach DLC today. When you get the Roach DLC, you will be increase your bond with your horse and be able to do a lot more with him. Roach will now be able to take care of you when you are injured, there will be a turbo boost mode when running from danger and whe you are up in the snowy peaks, Roach will even fly for a short period. let's be honest, the PC community was already doing crazy things like this with Roach and now everyone will be able to! The Witcher III: Wild Hunt launches the Roach DLC today, April 1 for only $4.99. Once you spray Roach with this new content you will never have to worry about Roach again!