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Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta Had Over Six Million Participants

Tom Clancy's The Division - logo

Tom Clancy's The Division beta crushed records this weekend. With 6.4 million players testing out the upcoming game, it is now the biggest beta for the current console generation. It seems that the e3 trailer last year had a big impact on those looking forward to playing this game. On average, people spent about five hours playing the beta and at least one-third of that was spent in the Dark Zone. The kicker is that about 2.5 million players went rogue and turned on their respective teams. Were they the only rotten apples, or were they just the first ones to turn the trigger on their teammates?

In two weeks, the real fight begins when the full version of Tom Clancy's The Division releases. We know that there are at least a few million sleeper agents that will be gunning for you. Don't forget that two or three of them are agents that are supposed to have your back.

Trust no one.