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Toys & Tech of the Trade: Valkor/The Other View


I have had the pleasure of meeting some awesome, talented and creative individuals on this journey and it is only fitting that we start off 2016 by showcasing someone that embodies those labels. I had the pleasure of meeting of Terry at a Samsung event roughly two years ago and we bonded over our love of tech and good food. We still link at events and chop it up online as much as we can. Check out Terry's Toys & Tech of the Trade and check out his work on The Other View

Who are you and what do you do?: My name is Terry Lewis aka Valkor, and I’m co-founder and sole owner of entertainment website “The Other View”.

Base of operations aka home: My base of operation is Jersey City, NJ (represent!).

Current mobile device: Nexus 6

What do you like/dislike the most about your current mobile device?: Using a Nexus product, I love it for the sheer fact that I get updates quicker and it works perfectly alongside my Nexus 7 tablet. What I like least about it? That it lacks features that one would find in a Samsung or an LG smartphone. For example, I mostly miss having a remote in my phone, which pretty much put everything I need in one device, at my fingertips..

Three mobile apps you can't live without: Hmmm… good one. The UPS and FedEx app are my main go-to; you know with our line of work, we have many packages to keep track of, and this helps a whole lot. Finally, there’s the Transit app, which helps with my commute immensely! I don’t know what I would do without it. The Transit app has made my commute so much easier. It’s a little off sometimes on arrivals, but for the most part, it has been a blessing.

Show us your home screen:

Current Laptop or desktop: Lenovo X230

Most used program/programs on laptop/desktop: Windows Word, Adobe Dreamweaver, Google Chrome, VuePrint, and STEAM.

Show us your desktop:

First place you go when you open your phone or computer: Google Chrome. I check up on my site stats, emails and then bounce around from there.

One website you recommend to people often: I’ll keep this legit and say Superherohype.com. I love their comic book and comic book film coverage, plus all things geek-related. I’ve been following them since they first began and it’s been a fun ride ever since.

Favorite piece of tech besides your phone/computer:  My Nexus 7 tablet, My Nintendo 3DS and of course, my Playstation 4.

What's playing in the background while you work?: Usually, CNN on the television or I’m catching up on one of my favorite shows.

Gamer?: Oh, yea!!!

What are you playing?: Right now I’m making my way through Dragon Age: Inquisition and a bunch of indie titles.

Last gaming purchase: Since I get most of my games on the review side…I guess my last game I actually bought was FF X/X-2 for the PS Vita and Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes for the PS4.

What item have you purchased recently that is less than $100 that has made your life easier or more enjoyable: That would be when I purchased a Google Chromecast – Stream anything I want from a browser, direct to my television? That’s so much awesome at only 35 bucks!

Who you like you like to see featured in a future column?: I’d have to go with three dudes – Tim Torres of PC Mag, Gabe Zamora who does Freelance for PC Mag and maybe Mike Staub who works on his band “Bad Mary” and also does work for geek site “popchomp.com”.

Where can people find your work and connect with you?: Most folks can find me on my site (www.the-other-view.com) and you can always hit up a forum or contact me directly and I’ll almost always respond (unless it’s a troll message – but even then I’ll probably reply back). And you can also connect with me through Twitter (@Valkor).  

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