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Play as Goku or Kefla in Dragon Ball FighterZ, the ultimate fighting game for fans of the Dragon Ball series.

Ultra Instinct Goku & Kefla Make Their Dragon Ball FighterZ Debut

Dragon Ball FighterZ continues to stay in the conversation when it comes to the fighting game genre and with this new third wave of DLC, it will certainly give the game another shot in the arm with plenty of fan favorites joining the game including Ultra Instinct Goku and Kale and Caulifla's fused form Kefla who have been on many fans wish lists going back to some of the game's earlier DLC releases.

Kefla will debut in a few weeks (2/28/20) and Ultra Instinct Goku arrives in the spring with three more fighters joining the roster throughout the year.

Who would you like to see make their debut next? I would personally like to see Toppo, Dyspo, and Ribrianne in this wave of DLC and of course I'm many would like to see Whis in-game as well.

Trailer Source: Bandai Namco