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Watch Dogs 2 – Welcome to San Francisco

Unless you have been living under a rock (or aren't a gamer) you are familiar with Marcus Holloway by now. The protagonist of the upcoming Watch Dogs 2 is a San Francisco Bay native that is tired of being held down. He is tired of being controlled and and told what to do. Just like many of us, he wants some freedom. This is why he chooses to live his life as a hacker: not only does he actively seek that freedom for himself, but for those around him. In today's trailer, marcus is using his drone to give us a good look at what he is fighting for. He is giving us a look at all of the San Francisco that he grew up in. The people, places and nature that he loves are all something that he wants Blume and ctOS to leave alone.

This November 15, 2016, it is up to you to help him accomplish this. Welcome to San Francisco.