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Watch Dogs: Five More Reasons Why 19 Days Seems Like Forever

Since it was first announced, the majority of the gaming public has had a watchful eye on what I think will be Ubisoft’s killer app this year. Mostly good, some bad, Watch Dogs has been all over the gaming press for over a year now and you literally cannot buy publicity like this. You can, however, add fuel to the fire. You can get the hungry dogs slavering just a bit more and make gaming fiends like myself want to find a DeLorean and hit 88 MPH because May 27th seems too damn far away. How you achieve this is simple: we have all seen the graphics and we know the basis of the story and the gameplay. Now Ubisoft is going hard at presenting the major players of this story because when a story sticks with the gamers, you get what every company wants from their IP – a franchise. Will Watch Dogs be deep enough that gamers will want more when all is said and done? Ubisoft released a character trailer today that basically tells me that Watch Dogs will pretty much print money for them. Check this out:

Watch Dogs’ major players

We know that you will be controlling Aiden Pearce as you make your way through the digital recreation of Chicago. The video here is introducing us to five people that will help determine whether or not you live to achieve your goals in the game. Without further ado, say hello to:

  • Clara Lille – A tattooed beauty that is just as dangerous as she looks. The best hacker around, maybe even better than Aiden himself.
  • T-Bone Grady – A genius hacker that is still wrestling with his inner toys r us kid; but his idea of toys are guns and explosives.
  • Jordi Chin –  A man to be feared whether he is on your side or not. He is a fixer that is off the ctOS grid. That by itself is scary.
  • Anthony “Iraq” Wade – Former military, current gang leader, he handles things like he is still on the front lines. Master strategist.
  • Dermot “Lucky” Quinn – Just the fact that this guy reminds me of Brick Top from the movie Snatch says “do not cross this guy.” He rules the Chicago underground.

As Aiden, you will have to deal with these five. The question is who is friend and who is a foe? Whether or not he will be able to trust any of them is what we have to wait 19 more days to find out. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go generate 1.21 gigawatts of power because I cannot wait any longer.

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