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Watch Dogs 101 – Your Favorite Class This Year

The late Heath Ledger’s Joker was disappointed after he said “And here we go,” but this time there will explosions. There will be so much chaos and confusion that you will think Michael Bay invaded your brain in your sleep. Watch Dogs is exactly two weeks from launch today and the anticipation is at a fever pitch. If I could be playing the game right now I would not even waste time bragging to my friends that I have it and they don’t because it would take away from what I think could be the game of the year. There in lies a gamer’s greatest fear as well. All too often a game gets hyped up like this and we cannot wait to get our greedy little hands on it, only to be disappointed when the wait is finally over. Fortunately I believe the gamble will pay off this time; with all that Ubisoft is showing us I do not see how Watch Dogs could be less than fantastic. The old adage says that talk is cheap, so I will stop now. It is an old MTR tradition to let the viewers decide so I’ll just leave this right here:

Ten minutes of madness for you. Watch Dogs will be on all current consoles except the Wii U on May 27. The Wii U version is in development and will be out later this year. Prepare to be surprised and amazed when you bring this one home. Like Jordi said, “It’s not the pizza guy!”

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