Show: 2 Broke Girls

Network: CBS

Airs: Mondays at 8:30 pm

Cast: Max (Kat Dennings)

Caroline (Beth Behrs)

Earl (Garrett Morris)

Han (Matthew Moy)

Oleg (Jonathan Kite)

Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge)

Honestly, CBS is my least watched newtork. If it wasn’t for this show, Hawaii Five-O, and the occasional HIMYM, I wouldn’t watch it at all. Most of the programming seems so stuffy to me. That’s why I was shocked to find that after trying 2 Broke Girls, I actually liked it. Plus, it seems to be working out fro CBS, as it won Favorite New TV Comedy at the People’s Choice Awards. It’s a good fit for the established Kat Dennings, who we have previously seen in movies like Thor and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Beth Behrs is pretty much new to the game, having been in American Pie Presents: The Book of Love. (Huh?) However, she is a great addition to the cast and her comedy skills are getting better and better.

Set in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the show follows the shenanigans of two waitresses/unlikely friends (Dennings and Behrs) who dream of opening their own cupcake shop someday, after accumulating enough cash to do so.  Max comes from a hard upbringing and is sarcastic and rude, while Caroline is a former rich socialite who is now forced to get by on her own. Her father got caught in a Ponzi scheme and is now in prison. She has to evolve from something like a Hilton who had everything into a normal woman earning for herself. The two work together in a diner owned by Han, where Oleg is the perverted cook, and Earl is the cool cashier. Sophie is the girls’ neighbor who helps them make extra money on the side by doing side jobs cleaning houses.

2 Broke Girls is a huge mix of stereotypes, and the writers have no issue with making jokes at everyone’s expense. If you shy away from sexist and racist jokes, this show is certainly not for you – but if you do, oh boy, are you in for a treat. Crude humor runs rampant in each 30 minute show, so don’t expect the norm.



  1. Annnnnnnnnnnndrea!!! Noooo! It’s Zoey being……well ZOEY and getting paid MOOOONEY *sob*. GCB though I am there with you! You ain’t missing nothing with Chelsea (see Rich comment above, pretty much sums it up LOL!)

  2. Myst, Hi!! I like New Girl a lot. GCB is good too, although I am not sure how long its gonna last. Chelsea I have not watched, because I am kind of sick of her in general. Larry, 2BG builds as you watch. The first was okay, but it got better.

  3. I think it’s a hilarious show–it and the new GCB one on ABC. I like it better than Zoey Dechanel and that brain fart “The New Girl” Or that playboy channel humor filled (and not in a good way) “Hey Vodka, are you there it’s me Chelsea?”

  4. Its funny you say that Larry. It seems with most of these new shows it is either a slow build or they come out on fire out of the gate. There is never a definitive quality metric.

  5. I tried to watch this. I even tried to like it. With a lot of effort, I succeeded with the first, but couldn’t manage the second.

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