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WWE 2K18 New Moves Pack Available Now

WWE 2K18 got a bump in the move list category courtesy of the newly released move pack that hit PS4, Xbox One and PC today.  The pack includes over 50 moves for both in-game and custom superstar use. Here is a sampling of the moves you'll see in this new update along with some screenshots.

  • Total Elimination
  • X-Plex
  • La Magistral
  • Bitter End
  • Bop & Bang
  • Apron Piledriver
  • Running Leg Lariat
  • Hammerlock DDT 2
  • Dragon Sleeper 6
  • Tiger Bomb 2
  • The Tye Breaker 2 (As seen from WWE Superstar Tye Dillinger)
  • The Tequila Sunrise/Uso Splash (As seen from WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions Jey and Jimmy Uso)
  • The Crash Landing (As seen from WWE Superstar Kassius Ohno)

The new moves pack will cost $3.99 if purchased separately but will be free for those that have the Season Pass. Nintendo Switch owners, unfortunately, will have to wait a little while longer for this new update.