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1st Impression:Mortal Kombat ReBirth

I had been on the fence the majority of the day thinking if I should post this trailer. It seems that someone wants to bring back Mortal Kombat and change the presentation from video game fodder to blood, realistic, hype machine . While the core stories are there, it seems that the direction they want to go in is more sinister and violent as opposed to the previous hokey films (Looking at you Mortal Kombat:Annihilation). Michael Jai White plays the role of Jax or in this case police captain Jackson Briggs and Jeri Ryan joins him as Sonya Blade. I have already seen the “hardcore” fans aka video game purists shitting on this concept and comparing it to CSI and any generic Cinemax action flick,but maybe in order for MK to be relevant you need to make some tweaks and maybe bring it into the now instead of milking the storyline tits of previous Mortal Kombat games.  This promo has been everywhere and I think the buzz will dictate where this project goes from here.

Are you guys ready for a more grown up and violent Mortal Kombat?