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2K Showcases The WWE 2K16 Online Mode & Creation Studio

WWE 2K16 drops tomorrow and while fans already have lots to look forward to the folks at 2K still have plenty to show off. Today we received details for WWE 2K16 online which comes with some new match types plus 2K Tonight, community creations, and the ability to form teams. Check out the trailer to get a sneak peek at what you're getting.

Superstar customization will be getting a boost as well courtesy of 2K's WWE 2K16 Creation Studio app. The WWE 2K16 Creation studio app will allow players to upload photos of their faces to use on their custom superstars and divas. I am sure those of you who played NBA 2K16 know this feature all too well.

The app will also allow logo uploads as well which can applied to created Superstars, Divas, Arenas, Shows, and Championships. Here are some screenshots of the Creation Studio in action:

WWE 2K16 is in stores October 27 in North America and October 30 internationally.