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31 Days of Gaming – Day Twelve: Not A Hero

31 Days of Gaming - Not a Hero

The 31 Days of Gaming has a retro treat for you today. I try to give all genres a chance and I like to think that I am relatively objective. Regardless, I have my favorites, as do we all. I am definitely what would be classed as an “old school gamer,” thus my love comes from classic arcade games. The best games around today would be nothing without cabinet gems like Double Dragon, Ikari Warriors or Shinobi. Sometimes I need to just kick back and play something that reminds me of the days of pouring quarters into those plastic slots. For that reason, I present to you today, Not A Hero.

31 Days of Gaming - Vote Bunnylord

Listen up, snapperhead, it's stupid question time. Do you wanna save the world? Do you want to have a better tomorrow where drugs, aliens and Rebecca black songs are eradicated? If so, vote for Bunnylord, dammit! Yes, the incomparable Bunnylord has come back from 2048 to save the world from itself. in order to do that, he needs to be in power. Starting small, he builds a team of badass badasses to clean up a city. With this, he can become mayor. From there, he will wipe out the big drug kingpins and use that wave of momentum to become president. All you have to do is shoot everything and anything in your way so Bunnylord can beat the crap out of the big bosses and film it for publicity.

Don't talk to me about graphics! This is badass badassery at its badassest! Guns! GUNS!! AND SOME GUNS!!!

EDITORS NOTE: The views of Bunnylord are not necessarily the views of Slick, R.A.G.E. Works or any of our content partners. Then again, Bunnylord authorized me to say that.

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