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4W Product Review: Energizer PS4 Charge System

Energizer PS4 controller.
Energizer PS4 controller.

What is it?

The [easyazon_link asin=”B00EADTVL2″ locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”mytara0c-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]PDP Energizer 2X Charging Station for PS4[/easyazon_link] holds and charges two PlayStation 4 controllers.

What does it do?

The Energizer PS4 charge system eliminates the need to connect controllers to USB console ports. It utilizes a two color system to indicate charging status.

What's wrong with it?

While the PS4 charge system charges controllers timely and keeps things organized, the area that holds controllers, while durable, can get damaged if you apply pressure when placing controllers on to charge. While most will have no issues with this, I had my Xbox 360 console damaged with a similar charging unit due to someone adding weight to the controller while mounting. While the design integrates nicely into your home theater, I feel that going with a flatter design would help curb any concerns about the mounting brackets changing. Some gamers may not dig the bright lights if they keep their consoles in their bedroom even though they indicate charging status.

Why do you/don't you need it?

Sure, you can plug the controllers into console or PC ports to charge, but the charge system keeps things organized and if you have more than two controllers you can keep two charging while using two – which is great for in home multiplayer experience.

My Take:

I have owned the Xbox 360 charger system for a few years and minus the issue where one of my knucklehead guests broke the charger mount I have to say that the system has worked flawlessly. The PS4 controller battery life is quite good so the charger got minimal use. The times I did use the unit it definitely charged my controller fairly quickly and best of all eliminated the wire clutter. You can pick up this unit for your PS4 for $19.99 by heading here.

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