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Slick’s Quick Hits: The Flame In the Flood

The Flame In the Flood - logo

The Flame In the Flood comes to Steam and Xbox One in two weeks. Veterans from Bioshock, Halo 2, Guitar hero and Rock Band have come together to form the development team The Molasses Flood. This is their first effort as a single unit and it is all about a girl surviving with her dog in a wilderness-based post-apocalypse. The wilderness is unkind and everything that might help you has a catch. Everyone that might help you wants something from you first. Your only true refuge from the animals that would tear you apart is the river and it is a dangerous animal in its own right. Along with your dog Aesop, how long can you survive in this world. Find out in two weeks. Once again, The Flame In the Flood will be released via Steam and the Xbox Live Store on Wednesday, February 24.

Enjoy the theme song and original trailer from the Kickstarter campaign.

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