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AeternoBlade II Out Now for Switch and PS4

AeternoBlade II is now available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The Xbox One version will follow on Friday, October 18th. Players are able to manipulate time in many different ways in the game. The action puzzle-platformer puts a unique spin on its genre and wraps it all in a powerful story of fervour and fraternity.

About AeternoBlade II

The level design of AeternoBlade II combines clear and linear segments with a touch of Metroidvania. Hidden optional paths with items and unlockable abilities await returning heroine Freyja and her new allies. Likewise, the game's story is a classic tale of warring powers in the universe, fighting over the control of its most powerful artifact. While there is no need to have played the prequel to get sucked into the story of AeternoBlade II, the developers hid quite a few nudges to returning AeternoBlade wielders!

AeternoBlade II combines time-proven features with modern quality of life elements. Frequent save points make for a fluid playthrough with modern combat design in a dynamic mix of 2.5D and 3D environments. Add newcomers Felix and Bernard and their unique weapons. They join Freyja as playable characters, catering to different play styles,

The inventive take on puzzle-platforming in AeternoBlade II adds completely new layers to the possibilities players are used to! Freezing, slowing, accelerating, rewinding time and the combination of them all will challenge your creativity. Think outside the clock and become a master of time in AeternoBlade II on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Xbox One players can get in on the action next week!