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Brotherhood united - cover

Brotherhood United Launches Tomorrow (10/14)

Brotherhood United calls back to co-op arcade shooters with guns – lots of guns. Grab your brother, or your buddy or your whatever and take down everything! Twenty levels with eight giant bosses await. This is a great looking couch co-op adventure coming to consoles tomorrow. If you are a fan of games like Broforce and Super Time Force Ultra, this game is speaking to you.

Brotherhood United - boss fight
About Brotherhood United

It’s time to get the boys together, slam some beers and prepare to dish out some serious punishment! In this mayhem-filled run ‘n gun platformer, you join a brotherhood sworn to leave none of their own behind. You’ll have to fight through an entire army of baddies to rescue your captured partner.

Brotherhood United - your bro

Pick your guns, grenades and even customize your outfit for a look your fallen enemies won’t soon forget! Blast through 20 levels with 3 sub-quests each, all presented in nostalgic pixel art style. This battle is all about comradery, so bring a friend with you in local co-op for double the demolition! Defeat 8 gigantic bosses together or dare to go solo, whatever it takes to reunite the brotherhood.