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Cody Rhodes Heads To Arrow For Upcoming 5th Season

If you are a WWE fan, then you are probably aware of Stephen Amell's work with the WWE, in particular with Cody Rhodes who was wrestling under the Stardust moniker and was WWE's supervillain. Amell and Rhodes settled their issues in the ring at SummerSlam, with Amell tagging with Neville and Stardust partnering with King Barrett. Both performers continued to work together after their “feud” ended with charity initiatives. Most recently, Rhodes had asked for his release from WWE and has since been working the independent scene. That changed today when Stephen Amell announced at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in NJ that Cody Rhodes would be appearing on Arrow's upcoming season 5 in an undisclosed role.

While wrestling fans will appreciate Rhodes' involvement, I personally am curious to see if he will play a new character or someone from the DC Universe. Arrow returns Wednesday, October 5th on The CW.