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Dark Horse Partners With 343 Industries For First Halo Adult Coloring Book

Dark Horse & 343 Industries announced an adult color book based on Halo series. The book will contain 45 pieces of black and white artwork which will be on a thicker stock to prevent bleed through. The book contains a slew of stellar artists lending their talents including Will Conrad (Angel & Faith), Georges Duarte (Crossed Badlands), Douglas Franchin (Halo: Escalation), Juan Frigeri (Star Wars: Darth Maul—Son of Dathomir), Lee Oaks (Thunder Monkey), Andres Ponce (War Goddess), and Xermanico (Injustice: Gods Among Us Three).

Look for the Halo Adult Coloring Book on shelves October 11, 2017. Fans interested in picking this up can preorder the book from Amazon or at their local comic shop.