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DC All Access: New Justice League Members & This Week’s DC TV

A lot going on in the world of DC this week. Check out this week's DC All Access

Killer Frost and Vixen together? Batman in charge of a new group of heroes? It’s time for the Rebirth of Justice League of America and DCAA sits down with writer Steve Orlando to get the inside scoop on a bold new direction for some of DC’s bravest.

The White Martians are back…and so is Hector to talk about what to expect this week on the small screen! In this new #DCTV clip, we dive into the return of the White Martians on Supergirl, Rip Hunter‘s evil ways on DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the high stakes cyber assault happening on Arrow. Plus, we have the best answers from last week's Powerless-themed question!

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