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Flywrench – The PS4 Gets a Punishing New Puzzler

In 2015, Flywrench hit PC and Macs, leaving gamers in a drooling pile trying to beat all of the levels. Your ship is on a mission to the center of the solar system. Unfortunately, the amount of obstacles is just slightly less than the number of stars you can see. To traverse safely, you must jump, fly and flip while constantly changing your ship's polarity to match these obstacles. Literal mind-blowing fun is to be had.

Flywrench - logo

On Valentine's Day, February 14, because Sony loves us so much, Flywrench lands on the PS4. The love does not stop there. The original game had over 160 levels. As Flywrench makes its first splashdown on consoles, new levels have been added that bring the grand total to 199. Find out next week if you can survive them all. What will break first – your ship or your brain?

Flywrench is available on PS4 February 14, 2017 for $6.99