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Degrees of Separation Set to Make valentine’s Day Steamy

Last year, R.A.G.E. Works reviewed a platform game titled Embers of Mirrim. Two similar creatures, one of darkness, the other of light collaborated to save their world. It was a fun and mildly challenging game if you played it to completion. It seems more than a few people took notice and enjoyed the game. Developer Modus Games is now creating a title featuring human protagonists Ember and Rime (Coincidence?). Check out Degrees of Separation, coming this Valentine's Day to consoles and Steam.

The Story

Featuring dual protagonists named Ember and Rime, each with the power to manipulate heat or cold, players must learn to master their respective temperatures as these two unlikely individuals grow ever closer. Tackling themes of closeness and separation, explore a gorgeously realized non-linear world that encourages players to experiment and interact with the environment around them, making use of Ember and Rime’s polar opposite skill-sets, all while seeking a common goal.

The Gameplay

While Ember may cause a nearby river to melt, Rime can freeze it over just as easily. Leveraging their unique talents and bringing together two opposing forces rests at the center of this atmospheric puzzle adventure that weaves together gameplay, narrative, and character development for a powerful emotional experience.

Game Features
  • 2D Adventure Platforming. Experience beautifully crafted 2D worlds with a deeply immersive art style based on the aspects of contrasting temperatures.
  • Innovative Storytelling. Discover the potential of dual protagonists Ember and Rime and follow a complex story by acclaimed video game writer Chris Avellone.
  • Environmental Puzzles. Navigate distinct worlds and solve complex puzzles to organically alter situations and surroundings.
  • Cooperative Gameplay. Harness the powers of Ember and Rime in both single-player and cooperative multiplayer to interact with the environment in a variety of ways, both separately and as a team.
  • Non-Linear Levels. Traverse through diverse landscapes that each introduce a new game mechanic, weaving together gameplay, narrative, and character progression.

Degrees of Separation is set to launch on PC via Steam, PS4 and Xbox One, Valentine's Day 2019 for $19.99