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Dying Light – The Following Has Begun

Dying Light - The Following logo

Dying Light, one year later. We have experienced horrors that transcend death, living monsters that make the dead ones seem tame and pain both emotional and physical. This is life in Harran now. Rais may be dead and the threat of being bombed averted, but what is left? There is no way out of the city; or is there? You meet a man that is critically wounded and he tells you of a way. He also mentions something that gives Brecken's people something they had all but lost: hope. Despite being infected, you are still Kyle Crane. You are hero to the survivors and the single best runner in all of Harran. If there is hope you will have to try and bring it to them.

Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition is here. If you already had the game, you will notice (on PS4) that there were two updates to prepare the game for this. One enhanced the original game and added fixes, the other added the new content (over 10GB total). Download your free key to unlock this if you had the season pass or get the updated version of the game now if you are new. Dying Light was the best survival horror title of 2015 and it is looking to give the games of 2016 a run for their money. Don't forget though, while you are “following” this new story, there are many things following you. As always