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Tom Clancy’s The Division Presents Enemy Factions

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Tom Clancy's The Division is about a virus that has spread throughout New York City. In case you have been living under a rock and that is news to you, know that in this dystopian Manhattan, there are groups of people that do not have the best interests of society in mind. These are the groups that you will encounter both inside and outside of the Dark Zone. Before you have to worry about other agents, before you have to worry about your team going rogue on you, you have to worry about NPC factions.

Rioters – It's a surprise that they even work with one another, but there is something to be said about safety in numbers. Their only concern is picking the city clean and anyone that is not with them is a potential target.

Rikers – As a NYC resident, I haven't a clue as to why escapees from Rikers would waste time going to Manhattan as the only exit from the island leads to Queens. Regardless, these escaped prisoners stick together to make sure they are never incarcerated again.

Cleaners – “Kill it with fire” may be a popular internet meme, but it generally works. These guys have taken their cleansing duties a bit too far and burn everything that moves in an attempt to kill the virus for good.

The Last Man Battalion – This organized group sound like they have a noble cause: bring order back to the city. There is only one problem; the order they want to restore is their own; there is no desire to restore the previous authority.

These are the crews that will stand against The Division. When society falls, The Division shall rise. Just remember to watch your back because those who are supposed to have your back are the ones close enough to stab it.


Trust no one.


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