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Fantastic Four #1 Gets A Frank Miller Variant Cover

Marvel's first family brings out legends like Alex Ross and Frank Miller.

Ryan North and Iban Coello take the reigns of Marvel's first family with a brand new Fantastic Four series hitting shelves in November. This new era of Fantastic Four storytelling is bringing out a variety of legendary creators to put their stamp on the iconic team, with Alex Ross handling cover honors for the debut issue. Alex Ross is not the only legend on cover duty, as the legendary Frank Miller will be doing a cover for issue number one. This cover marks Frank Miller's first Marvel Comics work in nearly 30 years, and fans can look forward to more variant covers from the visionary creator in the near future. Check out Miller's cover below.

Frank Miller Fantastic Four #1 variant cover releasing November 2022.

When and where can you pick up the Frank Miller version of Fantastic Four #1?

Fantastic Four #1 arrives at your local comic store on November 9, 2022. Make sure to secure your Miller variant, as it will be one many collectors will want to get their hands on.

What do you think of Frank Miller's first Marvel piece in over thirty years? Will you be picking up a copy? Let us know in the comments.