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Final Fantasy XV Pre-Order Bonuses

audi ss v2

Final Fantasy XV may have one of the biggest hype trains of 2016, and I am including movies in that list! With a game, movie, anime, demo that gives you a perk in the main game and insane collector's edition, what else could Square Enix give us? Why, pre-order incentives, of course! Square Enix clearly wants Final Fantasy XV to be bigger than all their other 2016 releases combined and they are doing a damn good job of trying to accomplish that goal. Earlier today they announced that by pre-ordering the game for PS4 or Xbox One (nothing for PC YET) you will get some cool stuff.

PS4 fans who pre-order the game will get Masamune – a weapon that dates back to the very first Final Fantasy game. There will also be a Big Bang PS4 theme and an Angler set for the fishing minigame (can I catch Leviathan?). There will also be a special “16-Bit Buddies” skin for your car. For our XBox One fans:

The PS4 theme has been (obviously) replaced; instead, you will get a Carbuncle pet to go with your avatar who will likely be wearing the Noctin costume you will get for guys and gals alike.

On the subject of cars, if you have not noticed already, Lucian royalty rides in style. Square Enix has formed a partnership with Audi to use the likeness of the Audi R8 as well as the Audi logo in the game. I believe the R9 might even make an appearance (that flying car looks familiar). Look forward to some serious Twin Turbo action when Final Fantasy XV hits consoles and PC in September.

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