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Funko Announces Deadpool Mystery Minis Assortment

MysteryMinis Deadpool 1

Funko Logo
Marvel's wisecracking unkillable mercenary is getting his own Mystery Mini blind boxes courtesy of our friends at Funko. The assortment will feature various versions of Deadpool including a panda bear Deadpool, punk rocker Deadpool and my personal favorite chicken suit Deadpool.  Retailers will also have their own exclusive versions which you can see below.

MysteryMinis Deadpool 1

Gamestop Exclusives

MysteryMinis Deadpool 4

Hot Topic Exclusives

MysteryMinis Deadpool 2

Target ExclusivesMysteryMinis Deadpool 3

Look for these at your local retailers beginning May. Will you be picking up these minis?

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