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Green Hell - SoA title

Green Hell Prequel DLC Arrives January 28

Green Hell is the aptly-named survival game set in the Amazon basin. You have to fight everything imaginable from animals to indigenous people to disease. Survival is only the beginning as where you are headed may be worse than what you have faced. Creepy Jar's masterpiece enters its second year with something new. Learn the story before the game begins in Spirits of Amazonia, launching next week.

Green Hell - sunken ship
About the Green Hell DLC

You may think you know Jake’s story, but there’s much more to be revealed. Spirits of Amazonia takes place before Green Hell’s original Story Mode. Players step into Jake’s shoes as he aims to befriend an Amazonian tribe for the first time. Tasked with new Legendary Quests, Jake will be put on this new path by the tribe’s mysterious Shaman as he uncovers new map areas and solves challenging riddles. See below for all that Spirits of Amazonia has in store for players:

  • New Mode – Spirits of Amazonia  – An all-new story happening before the events of Green Hell’s Story Mode.
  • New Map Area – A new map area separated from the map you know… for now.
  • Four New Legendary Quests – Piece together riddles, revealed by paintings on hidden stones all throughout the rainforest, to discover the tribe’s story and aid their village.
  • New Mushroom – Search inside of caves to find a new mushroom with mysterious properties.
  • New Spike Tree – Be careful! Chopping down a tree just got more dangerous, and just a tiny bit poisonous!
  • New Custom Building – Add a balcony onto your humble rainforest abode!
Green Hell - DLC content legend

Green Hell is now available for $24.99 and will enjoy a 30% off promotion on Steam beginning with the Jan. 28, 2021 release of Spirits of Amazonia!