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Guest Post: Top 3 Sonic Games You Must Play

Have you played them all?

Remember the jet blue anime in the early 90s that emerged as the biggest hurdle in Super Mario’s way to eternal glory? While those were indeed the glory days for the Sonic franchise, there is no way one can deny that it has been a steep downward spiral for them in terms of popularity, ever since.

While many gamers blame the Sega developers for their inability to incorporate 3D graphics in the game efficiently, others point fingers at its redundant gameplay. The actual debate is an eternal one and you will be better off playing the sonic games that are good. Here are the top 3 sonic games that, for the love of God, you must try:

1. Sonic CD


Sega CD will take you back to 1993 when Sega’s Sonic and Nintendo’s Mario had a herculean populist battle going on for the top spot. The game came in two flavors. You had a choice between the Japanese and American ones. While there was hardly any graphic difference between the two flavors, the main difference lied in the language and the symphony of the background score.

Many gaming experts rate the Sonic CD as the best Sonic version ever. It was characterized with everything that dreams were made up of in the 90s – Bright colors, whizzing saucers, crystalized shiny mirrors and an appetite for time travel. Although you can play all the sonicgames 365 days a year and not get tired of them, Sonic CD stands out as the best of the entire lot.

2. Sonic And Knuckles


While the gaming world was busy moving on to better options offered by modern day hardware and gaming platforms, Sega came up with the Sonic and Knuckles as an answer to its competitors. Many people tried to put down the Knuckles character by calling it a remodeled skin of Sonic but Knuckles soon won the hearts of fans with its unique brutal speed and whip fast actions. Add to this, Knuckles’ skin became a fashion rage at that time.

3. Sonic Adventure 2


This version of the Sonic franchise is unique for 2 reasons. It happens to be the last Sonic game developed by the original Sonic team single handedly. It also happens to be the game that introduced to the world, a gun-less version of Sonic that many found to be way cooler than the previous flavors. Its hand-to-hand combat skills and ass-kicking is what made the game popular, single handedly. Many people consider this game to have one of the best multiplayer options among game consoles.

Other games that deserve a try are Sonic Advance 3 and the Sonic Rush Adventure. Get set ready to groove the way the 90s used to!

Brenda Lyttle is a gaming enthusiast and a technology freak. She loves playing sonic games on sonicgames365.com.