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Hearts of Stone Expands The Witcher III Story

Maybe they finished early or maybe games like Metal Gear Solid V made CD Projekt RED a little edgy. The bottom line is that these guys want their game of the year title and Hearts of Stone releases next week to ensure just that! Everything you loved about The Witcher III: Wild Hunt will happily drag you back in to this new adventure promising a minimum of ten hours of gameplay on top of the original story.

Pay special attention to the bottom of the detail page. It should come as no surprise to anyone, but this is not a standalone adventure. In order to play Hearts of Stone, you must have The Witcher III: Wild Hunt installed on you r console or PC. Remember that whether you previously purchased the full expansion pass or plan to get the Hearts of Stone pack at launch next Tuesday, October 13, anyone who is interested in the Gwent decks will have the ability to purchase them. Go to The Witcher website for more details.