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HITMAN 3 - 47

HITMAN 3 – ‘Death Awaits’ Agents in 2021

Welcome to R.A.G.E. Works – have you met Slick? Then you know how nuts I am for the HITMAN series. The announcement of HITMAN 3 during Sony's PS5 game reveal today was huge for fans. The story that began in March of 2016 comes to a conclusion in January. No worries for players on other platforms. Despite being part of the Sony reveal, the website confirms the game is coming to PS5, PC and Xbox Series X. You will definitely see more information on this title here.

HITMAN 3 – One More Small Detail

HITMAN 3 is the best place to play every game in the World of Assassination trilogy. All locations from HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2 can be imported and played within the game at no additional cost for existing owners. Progression from HITMAN 2 is directly carried over at launch.

HITMAN 3 - interior shot
So many options