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HITMAN Elusive Target# 11 – The Fixer

Everyone's favorite HITMAN returns to Africa for the eleventh Elusive Target. Agent 47 has received a double task for this mission. Claus Hugo Strandberg, one of the primary targets from the mission A Gilded Cage keeps letting his greed get the best of him. He has already taken seven billion from the people of Marrakesh but that is not enough. He is in Africa so of course he gets his hands on some conflict diamonds from Zimbabwe. $1.4M USD, to be exact.

HITMAN - Xander Haverfoek

In comes this clown, Xander Haverfoek. Claus has tasked him with handing off the diamonds to a courier, Lucas Thorvaldsson, most likely to smuggle them out of the country. 47 must retrieve the diamonds and “fix” The Fixer, permanently.

HITMAN - the handoff

My run at this lasted a bit longer than expected due to my own mistakes. Hopefully if you watch this, you will be able to do much better. Enjoy the Elusive Target# 11 mission.