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HITMAN Elusive Targets# 21 Doubles Your Assassination Fun!

Square Enix and Io Interactive continue to support the efforts of Agent 47 as the ICA dispatch him on his twenty-first Elusive Target today. Everyone's favorite HITMAN is finally back in Hokkaido, Japan for the first time since the “Situs Inversus” season finale mission. Much like that mission, 47 is given two targets, but this time they are both doctors; at least in name. Pavel Frydel and Akane Akenawa live up to the GAMA name by performing flawless transplant surgeries. The problem is they don't care where the donor organs come from.

HITMAN - Elusive Targets# 21

The client sought the assistance of the ICA after their son died of a hemorrhagic infection due to the liver these to transplanted into him. The “donor” was from Central Africa and the organ was never tested for diseases. Aside from the contract itself, the client made a special request for “poetic justice.” The targets are to die of the same disease that claimed his son. The optional objective would offer a larger payout . . . if this version of HITMAN actually paid us any money!

HITMAN - Elusive Targets# 21 timeframe

This Elusive Target mission is active today through March 3. Purchasing HITMAN: The Complete First Season before next Friday will ensure that you have a chance to play the mission. Like all Elusive Targets, you get one chance and one chance only. Fail or miss the mission window and the targets disappear forever. Good luck agents.

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