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HITMAN Elusive Target #7 – The Wild Card

HITMAN has enjoyed another big content week with the launch of the Summer Bonus Episode this past Tuesday. If you want to see a ton of the action from The Icon and A House Built On Sand, head on over to R.A.G.E. Works' “unofficial YouTube channel and hit the HITMAN playlist (also subscribe).

Amongst those many assassinations, you will find the grandest of them all. Our very own Slick managed to help Agent 47 survive something called “Busey Time.” The incomparable, the infamous, the utterly insane Gary Busey lent his talents to this game and became the seventh Elusive Target. This “Wild Card” lived up to his code name as his rambling and random travel patterns took both Slick and 47 to their mental limits.

I gotta tell ya, taking a guy like Slick to his mental limits takes some doing. . . That guy isn't all there to start with! He's also turned 40 today, so wish him a Happy Birthday!

(he accepts gifts!)

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