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HITMAN Goes Professional For Physical Release!

HITMAN - complete first season

Many fans have already taken the full ride of HITMAN's 2016 release. For them, there was only the new bonus episode and future Elusive Targets to look forward to. Io-Interactive Has changed that with a huge announcement this morning. Along with the disc release of HITMAN (Tuesday, January 31), all players will receive the new challenge of professional difficulty.

HITMAN - professional difficulty

For the uninformed, make no mistake: HITMAN is not easy on the standard difficulty. With the changes listed in the image, there will be a solid challenge for all of those that have beaten the game already. The boldest of new players will be able to dive right in and see if they can achieve Master Assassin status at this level. All I know is that there will be a lot of new videos coming to my YouTube channel next week. Make sure to check R.A.G.E. Works' Facebook fan page to hear my thoughts on this new mode!

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