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Hitman – Target# 2 of the Sarajevo Six

Hitman - Gary Lunn

Hitman, Square Enix' latest episodic adventure, will have its second installment available for download tomorrow. Along with the fictional Italian town of Sapienza being added to Agent 47's “tourist locales,” a special treat is coming for PlayStation 4 owners. The Enforcer, aka the second of the Sarajevo Six, appears before your crosshairs. His name is Gary Lunn and he is working as security for the Ether Biolab. This is also where the two primary targets you were sent to handle are located so killing three birds with one stone will be the order of the day. Diana Burnwood does not believe that Lunn is aware of his former partner, Scott Sarno's death. Regardless, you will need to take care as Gary Lunn is likely to be the most difficult of the three targets. Players will need to utilize all of the skills they have learned thus far and probably improvise some new ones in order to find that sea plane escape route. Hitman will have a total of seven episodes in 2016. We will review each individual episode here at R.A.G.E. Works and give the full game a final grade when the final episode in Japan comes out later this year.

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