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Kingdom Hearts Enters the Mobile Realm!

Kingdom Hearts II.8 and Kingdom hearts III are two of the most highly anticipated titles of the year and Square Enix wants to give you a little taste starting today! Head to your preferred mobile store as there is a new app that will appeal to fans new and seasoned alike. Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is a free to play (with in-game purchases) app which lets you customize your own avatar. This is not Sora you are playing as; you are the hero and you can choose from many Disney-inspired costumes. These will change based upon seasonal events. The avatar system will allow you to create your own look and your own keyblade. The story is a prequel to II.8 and III and you will unlock story elements from those upcoming games. Apple faithful can get the app from the App Store and Android users can get the app from this link to Google Play.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ (the symbol means “key”) is available for free on mobile platforms now. Enter the adventure today and get ready for the huge upcoming titles!