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The Legacy of George Pérez: Marvel Comics Honors the Legendary Artist with New Variant Covers

Marvel Comics has joined forces with the estate of the late George Pérez to offer Marvel fans a unique way to remember his legacy. The GEORGE PÉREZ VARIANT COVERS will be released beginning in June and throughout the year, exhibiting Pérez's iconic talent as one of comics' greatest storytellers through his unparalleled artwork. From Avengers and Fantastic Four to the landmark series of Infinity Gauntlet and New Teen Titans for DC Comics, these rare Marvel character drawings from George's archives have been restored and transformed into vibrant covers depicting Marvel's legendary heroes. Don't miss your chance to pay homage to Pérez's trailblazing work in the comic book industry by getting your hands on these variant covers!

George Pérez may no longer be with us, but his work is immortal. And so it’s a delight to be able to share these seldom-seen pieces by George done throughout his career with all of his legions of fans,” Marvel VP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said.

Constance Eza of The George Pérez Trust also shared her gratitude for Marvel Comics' decision to showcase some of his commissioned works. “We are beyond thrilled and grateful that Marvel has conceived this cover program to showcase some of his commissioned works to be enjoyed by fans the world over. We miss him terribly, but his art is part of a legacy that will continue to resonate for years to come. We hope you enjoy these never before published covers!”

The GEORGE PÉREZ VARIANT COVERS will also be available as virgin covers. For readers unfamiliar with the term “Virgin Cover,” it is a cover without any trade dress, which means no text, barcode, or publisher branding. The virgin cover showcases the art as intended and is usually the one sought after by many seasoned collectors. These virgin covers will be released alongside the standard variant covers. Fans can see five of the covers below, including unfinished sketches, and keep an eye out for them on your favorite titles throughout the year.

When Can I Buy The George Pérez Variant Covers?

The George Pérez variant covers go on sale beginning June 7, 2023 in both standard and virgin cover format with Fantastic Four #8. Then later in the month, Avengers #2, Scarlet Witch Annual #1, and Incredible Hulk #1 will get standard and virgin variant covers. There will also be a cover in July and more throughout the year