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The Next Generation of Sentinels Powered By Stark Tech Take On The X-Men

As the X-Men brace for an impending, grim future, an unlikely ally emerges in Tony Stark/ Iron Man. Gerry Duggan's writing in both X-Men and Invincible Iron Man set the stage for the much-anticipated Fall of X story. Significant developments in these series will shape the X-Men's standing against Orchis, the anti-mutant organization, and ultimately determine the fate of Marvel's mutants.

Feilong, an enemy of mutants from Duggan's X-MEN saga, has seized control of Stark Unlimited’s resources with the intention of using them against the mutant population embroiled in Orchis' war. Tony Stark stands at a crossroads—will he become one of mutant-kind's most stalwart allies, or will he follow their path into the dark future that awaits in FALL OF X? His choice will have dramatic implications for humans and mutants alike.

June marks the start of a crucial turning point in both series with X-MEN #23. This issue follows the stunning introduction of Feilong's newly upgraded Stark Sentinels, who are now powered and wielding abilities like Iron Man himself and programmed to eradicate the X-Men. With FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2023: AVENGERS/X-MEN #1 introducing these dangerous foes, the heroes must prepare for an X-Men threat wrapped in Iron Man packaging.

As the story continues in INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #7, Tony Stark is determined to gain the upper hand. His plan? To create a powerful new suit of armor with the intention of infiltrating and destroying Stark Industries. When in doubt, a new armor will sort things out! But that's not all: in July, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #8 will be linked to this year's HELLFIRE GALA. As the X-Men enjoy their momentous event, Iron Man must confront the menacing Stark Sentinels hovering over New York. Can he defeat these mutant-hunting robots alone?

Check out the covers for X-Men #23 and Invincible Iron Man #7 & 8 below.

When will X-Men #23 and Iron Man #7 go on sale?

X-Men #23 and Iron Man # 7 will be on sale on June 7, 2023, while Invincible Iron Man #8 will be on sale July 26, 2023.

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