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Magic Twins - logo

Magic Twins Teaser Trailer

Magic Twins is a cooperative arcade puzzle game in which the Abra and Cadabra witches must constantly exchange their chromatic powers to defeat the hordes of colored elementals and thus stop the Colormageddon that they themselves (unintentionally) caused. Red beats red, blue beats blue … you know. Magic doesn't have to be complicated!

But not everything comes down to spells! Communication (and perhaps some anger) will be the best ally when it comes to overcoming all the challenges that await you: different objectives per level, final bosses, multiple game modes, special events … And you can also get new aspects so that your Witches be the prettiest on the island!

It was time for a video game to combine the best of Puzzle Bubble, Plants vs Zombies and Overcooked with a spooky kawaii aesthetic! Magic Twins is coming to consoles and PC next year. Look for more information here as it develops!